The Northern Cape

The Northern Cape, South Africa
The Northern Cape, South Africa

What the province has to offer

The pure size of the Northern Cape (372,889 km2 in total) makes it an adventurer’s playground. Add to this the variance in terrain, climate, culture and you’ve got, what most travellers consider, the full package. The diversity of the Northern Cape caters to both international tourists, looking for an original African experience, and local wanderers alike.
You could spend a lifetime exploring the length and breadth of the Northern Cape and still be left mystified by the time you’re done. In truth, and herein lies the regions greatest pull, you’ll never truly be done discovering the Northern Cape.

The province is dominated by sporadic rural settlements. There are ‘bigger’ towns, like Kimberley and Upington, which hold an appeal of their own but, generally speaking, an escape to the Northern Cape is one which draws you away from the big city lights; the wide open and small-town charm typify the experience.


While the Northern Cape generally attracts travellers to its wide array of unique geographical features, this isn’t to say that the province lacks recreational activities. On the contrary, between the region’s small town charm and rich cultural history, visitors are not left wanting for meaningful human encounters.


Distinctive Northern Cape experiences stem from the intrinsic intersection of life and landscape; the relationship between resilient locals and the admittedly unforgiving countryside. This connection lends itself to an outward humility and open hospitality – where interactions, no matter how sparse, are valued.

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