How to Spend a Weekend in Springbok

Springbok - Northern CapeSpringbok - Northern Cape
Springbok - Northern CapeSpringbok - Northern Cape


How to Spend a Weekend in Springbok

The Northern Cape might not seem like a popular tourist destination. It is, after all, an arid province. But, the little town of Springbok is one of the many redeeming qualities of this desert-like region, and for good reason.

Much of the accommodation in Springbok is close to stunning nature reserves, such as the Goegap Nature Reserve and the town boasts stunning views of Namaqualand too.  You will find there are many places to stay in Springbok that are conveniently situated near major attractions.

This Springbok accommodation is the ideal place to relax and unwind in while exploring this unique and beautiful town. If you are a fan of hiking, many trails have magnificent views overlooking the ‘koppies' that can be found in the area, and when the daisies are in full bloom it is truly a sight to behold. Read on below for some ideas on how to spend a weekend in Springbok.


Spend Time in the Goegap Nature Reserve

The Goegap Nature Reserve is a popular attraction in Springbok, and when you arrive there you will see why. It is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna, much of which is indigenous only to the Northern Cape. For those who enjoy hiking, there are plenty of trails to enjoy and it is also the best place to view the wildflower display in July and August.

Here you will find animals such as the springbok, gemsbok, the endangered Hartmann's mountain zebra, and the aardwolf. There are also gorgeous succulents that dot the landscape, transforming the scenery into something slightly alien. You will need to bring along a bottle with plenty of water, which you can refill at your hotel or bed and breakfast. Also always ensure that you have sunscreen with you due to the high temperatures and harsh rays of sun.


Soak up History at the Namaqualand Museum

Springbok is a town with an extensive mining history and has its own mining museum housed in what was the only synagogue in the town. The synagogue was built in 1929 and is now used as a museum which holds unique artefacts from the towns mining days and other unique findings from the area. It might be small in size but it makes up for this in barrels of character.

If you enjoy learning about the history of the area you are staying in, the Namaqualand Museum is the perfect place to spend some time over the weekend. You can also spend time at the Blue Mine, a disused copper mine which owes its blue-tinged rocks to the oxidation of the copper inside. There are walking tours of the mine which could provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.


Saddle up with Namaqua Horse Trails

If you enjoy the feeling of riding a horse through the wilderness, then Namaqua Horse Trails are sure to provide you with hours of fun and enjoyment. Their farm is located just outside of Springbok and offers one hour to full day rides depending on how you feel and if the weather is permitting.

You can choose to have a riding lesson if you are a beginner, or you can simply wind your way through the trails on the farm for an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for something to do on the weekend, there are riding trails which can take hours to complete, but you will need to book these in advance and be prepared to care for the horse during this time. Pack food, water, clothes, plenty of sunscreen, and your camera of course.


Go Hiking in Your 4x4

Yes, you read that correctly. In Springbok, you are able to find trails that will accommodate a 4x4 vehicle, making for a truly unique “hiking” experience over a weekend. Some of the routes are quite tricky and require expert driving skills as well as experience in a vehicle of that size, while others are much easier to manoeuvre and are ideal for the whole family.

On these trails, you will be able to spot some truly unique wildlife, such as the grey rhebuck, duiker, and black eagle. These are highly rare animals and are a treat for those who enjoy wildlife. You can also try the baboon trail obstacle course, which features rocky terrain and some steep ascents. Be sure that whoever is driving your 4x4 for this trail can safely and easily drive the trail without any accidents.


Soak up the Scenery

If you will be visiting Springbok over the weekend, there is more to do than gaze at gorgeous wildflowers. You can visit a nature reserve and spend time spotting the local birds, wildlife, or you could learn more about the area at the museum. For those with an adventurous spirit, a horse ride around the area will provide hours of fun, as well as an exciting 4x4 hike.

Springbok - Northern Cape