Events that bring crowds to the Northern Cape every year

Northern Cape EventsNorthern Cape Events
Northern Cape EventsNorthern Cape Events

Events that bring crowds to the Northern Cape every year

South Africa has nine provinces, each of which something unique to offer fellow South Africans and travellers from around the world. We’ll be looking specifically at the Northern Cape, and the events that bring crowds to this beautiful province every year.

The Northern Cape happens to be the largest province in South Africa with landscapes consisting of deserts and the much-loved towns of Kimberley, Upington, Springbok, Kuruman, Calvinia, Pofadder, Alexander Bay and more. Where humans aren’t, fauna and flora are, so as “sparse” as this land may seem, there is some form of life everywhere. You just need to know when it’s the right time of the year to visit and where all the events are happening.


Namaqua floral kingdom

The largest contributing factor to crowds of people is the Namaqua floral kingdom that comes to life in the springtime. It’s quite the sight to see a desert transform from nothing but dry sand-land into a multicoloured flower bed as far as the eye can see. And it’s definitely a natural event that brings masses to the Northern Cape over the August and September months. Time it just right after the pour-down of winter rain and you will find yourself planning a trip to the Northern Cape every year just to see this spectacular phenomenon.

Every year you can travel to a different town in the province and join in on their springtime celebrations. Springbok in Northern Cape host park runs every Saturday, but the best time to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and a beautiful view is when the flowers are blooming. Visit Springbok during the floral season and take part in a park run unlike any other you’d have back home. Just think about all the likes you’ll get on your amazing photographs on social media.



If you’ve been searching for an unforgettable and incredibly unique festival experience in South Africa, you need not look further than AfrikaBurn that happens every year (around April) in the Tankwa Karoo of the Northern Cape.

This event draws attention from locals and internationals alike with the promise of freedom in and of everything, incredible art structures (which are built specifically for the festival and burned down on the last day), music, costumes and, most importantly, community. This is probably the biggest event to be hosted in the province and one where around 13 000 people attend.

It’s an experience-based event that cannot be accurately described or properly prepared for. You’re just going to have to book your tickets for 2019 and prepare to spend a memorable week away in the desert.  


Mountain biking

The sport of mountain biking is ever-increasing in popularity and with the challenging and technical terrain of the Northern Cape, they have become an ideal mountain bike racing destination. Here are a few of the big MTB races you can start training for:

  • Trans Augrabies: A three-day stage race across Augrabies Falls National Park and the Green Kalahari. The routes are comprised of various terrain and views, and is considered one of the top ten adventure destinations by Rough Guide. Registrations are still open and the race is happening at the end of June so you better get training.
  • Namaqua Quest: Again we head to Springbok in South Africa, and this time it’s not only to see the flowers. The Namaqua Quest MTB race takes place over three days with (full) routes of 68, 55 and 51 kilometres respectively. These routes are designed to challenge cyclists while offering them all the best views the land has to offer. The Springbok Inn Hotel is available for accommodation for those cyclists who prefer not to sleep in uncomfortable tents during a three-day race. Register now and start training for 31 August to 2 September (the best time for flower-viewing so bring the family along).
  • Lazy Hippo stage race:  The Lazy Hippo is not only a MTB stage race, it’s a full-on event with activities for the entire family to take part in with fishing and cooking lessons on the go for the kids and partners. This race takes place at the beginning of July so maybe save your registration to take part for next year and just join in on the celebration this year.   



The Karoo is not lost on tradeshow and exhibition success. There are well-attended events throughout the year that show off what this province has to offer. A few of which we’ll cover.

The end of May and start of June sees the Upington Agricultural (Landbou) Expo with a four-day programme of exhibitors, entertainment, art, auctions, conference talks and, of course, food. It’s a well sponsored and attended event in the Northern Cape and sees the likes of agricultural gurus from all over South Africa.

Then we have the Kalahari Kuierfees with thousands of visitors, hundreds of exhibitors and three days of entertainment for all. Music, food and everything people love about South Africa is celebrated at this exhibition, which also happens in Upington.

There is more to the Northern Cape than what most people may think. Make a plan to visit this province and celebrate with its people.‚Äč

Northern Cape Events